Drinks with Tony – Marlon James

(Originally aired in 2005 on Pirate Cat Radio, 87.9FM)

marlonjamesDrinks with Tony – Marlon James Episode

As exciting as interviewing Marlon for “John Crow’s Devil” was that I actually kept a playlist of the show and as things used to work on DwT I played the segments in chunks throughout the show.


mick harvey – intoxicated man
marlon james segment 1

jim swiller – drinks with tony
turbonegro – city of satan
marlon james segment 2

silverfish – shit out of luck
barry adamson – hungry ants
geistform – b-side invasion

nick cave live in copenhagen – hiding all the way
pil – religion 1
marlon james segment 3

swans – new mind
mono no aware – saigai
cindytalk – circle of shit

portable – ebb and flow
marlon james segment 4
nick cave live in copenhagen – get ready for love

d.i. – spiritual law
marlon james segment 5

16 horsepower – strawfoot
marlon james segment 6
captain beefheart – golden birdies

nick cave live in copenhagen – o children


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