Drinks with Tony – Blixa Bargeld

(Originally aired on Pirate Cat Radio, 87.9FM, San Francisco)


Drinks with Tony – Blixa Bargeld interview

I met Blixa at a cafe near 30th and Mission in San Francisco. He was living in San Francisco at the time and his band Einsturzende Neubauten was about to release “Alles Wieder Offen.”

He also formed Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds and left the Bad Seeds after 20 years together. Nick and Blixa confront the split in the documentary that just came out, “20,000 Days On Earth.”

I really want to commit hari kari because this recording is from the radio station and they used a lower standard of audio on the podcast side, and I had the original tapes and lost them. Shit happens when you get divorced and check yourself into a hospital and have the miracle of getting a book published and being able to adapt it into a film…. and then I lose important things.

Instead of transcribing this interview like I have with others where the audio isn’t up to my snooty ways, the interview is here. There’s just something about a Blixa Bargeld interview that cannot be translated to paper … as you’ll hear right away.

Enjoy the show.

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