I started Drinks with Tony as a “webstream.” That’s how I explained it to publicists who offered interviews. Podcasts weren’t what they are today and I even had to break the interviews into five minute chunks because bandwidth was slower in 2001-ish.

It spawned from a literary webzine I edited called Cherry Bleeds. While publishing stories I recommended books to read. Then, tired of waiting for these new books to come in at my local library, I dared to ask a publicist for a book for Cherry Bleeds. “Lullaby” by Chuck Palahniuk was shipped to me. It was an advance review copy, so I had it a few months before anyone else could buy it.

I was so stoked and when I read it I thought people would notice and be in awe of my power.

No one gave a shit.

Then the publicist emailed and asked if I wanted to interview Chuck. I said yes. What would I interview him for. The “webstream.” Essentially taping our interview and throwing it up on the server. Space on servers was expensive in those days so I’d like to thank my friends who worked at Hewlett Packard for giving me backdoor access to add my content under my domain name. I still know all the command lines for FTP.

I had lunch with Chuck and thought I was going to die. The questions I asked were just questions I wanted to know about writing. I had written for some years and it was my way of getting expert advice.

Authors, big time authors, were answering questions about writing, publishing, the literary world and I soaked up all the knowledge, and put it on the web server. I have also been involved in radio in the Bay Area for a couple of decades now, so the show has run on KFJC, Pirate Cat Radio and Radio Valencia.

I read every single book and asked the authors about specific story arcs, characters, etc. I have always and will always be a fan first.

Disaster struck when I lost a good chunk of the interviews. I had some backed up on a hard drive (lost while traveling) and a lot on the Filmjunkie server, which disappeared. Thanks to David, he went through all of his backups and recovered about 80 interviews. There’s reassemble work to be done to each interview, so they’re coming back slowly but surely. But I lost some good ones. The Steve Buscemi interview kills me. I’m pinging the radio station I was at to see if we can track it down on their servers.

Most of the shows were live in studio for about 8 years or so. Because I was brought in on a film project, I had to put Drinks with Tony on hiatus in 2013. Now we’re back in action. New interviews are being taped and awaiting upload and there should be a weekly schedule set up by 2015.

I’m also testing some other audio software and hardware for the possibility of putting shows out more than once a week.

Until then, let’s get these interviews up from days yonder and take Drinks with Tony to the next level. Because I love talking to creative people and this project won’t go away.

Thanks for reading and listening to the shows.

– Tony DuShane, October 31, 2014, Hollywood, CA.

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